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Now celebrating over Seven Years of 24/7 broadcasting!  We hope you enjoy our station :)

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About Addicted Radio:
Addicted Radio was started in the summer of 2000 as a trial project for the "Addicted Forums" that a friend of mine started. We set up a two relay stations on the then-free Live365 service (22k mono and 64k stereo). Since then the station has been continuously broadcasting a variety of music and comedy over the Internet.

In June of 2003, Live365 started charging $14.95 per month for 10 simultaneous listeners. This adds up to over $175 per year. I'm skipping lunches every day to be able to pay for this. I broke down and chipped in for this out of my lawn-mowing and leaf-raking money. I can barely afford to buy my milk at the cafeteria now! This monthly fee is going to add up quickly so click the banner ad.

Don't let the RIAA continue to get away with terrorizing little old ladies. Please contact your governmental representatives and encourage them to support and protect the fair use doctrine and consumer rights.


How to connect:
Click on the following link and the the big yellow "Play" button.
            For 128K Stereo Click Here (better quality for faster connections)
View the full playlist
Yes, that's right, the playlist is updated and improved so you should be able to find just the song you want to hear!
The playlist is updated every Monday* at midnight. Any songs you want put onto the stream, DCC them to RadioServ in the irc channel listed below, DCC auto-get is on. Your upload will be added to the stream as soon as possible by the automatic* uploader doohickamabobber.

PS - There are some problems in some of the ID3 tags but we're working on that. It's a lot to go through so be patient!
How to use:
Visit the channel  on  using mIRC or any IRC client.

While in the channel, type .radiorequest <#> to play a song from the playlist. For instance, typing .radiorequest 123 would play song number 123 from the playlist.

You can also use the .radiodedicate <#> <message> command to request a song and have it dedicated for someone. For instance, typing .radiodedicate 123 This song is for you honey-buns! would play song number 123 from the playlist and dedicate it with the message you typed. Please choose a message that is meaningful and edifying and uplifts humanity.
How to contact:
Visit the channel  on  and ask for PabloEstevas.
( if you have mIRC installed, try clicking this link to go there automatically )

Or send email to:





















*not really